Kew Townhouse

Kew Townhouse
Melbourne, Victoria

What we have created is a bright spacious residential Townhouse fitting its Kew address. The Townhouse has abundant daylight, ventilation, double glazed, soundproofed internal walls, and with innovative materials and textures, ensured to meet a 6.5 star rating. The inclusion of bi-fold doors, facilitates living and dining zones brought outside, creating an expansive outdoor alfresco area. The roof angle ensures abundant natural light enters the south facing area.
Striking interiors maximise habitation and modern design aspects, allowing functional inner-city living blended with privacy and individuality. The designer interpreted the clients’ needs coming in under budget whilst having very a distinct and apparent personality.
Initially in the design concept stage, the challenges to fulfil the clients brief were numerous. Local planning department regulations required the rear property to have a street address so achieving this requirement without intruding on existing residences was challenging. The parcel of land was an irregular shaped block of 144m2 wedged between a conservative street façade and an industrial outlook to the rear with noise a factor The project required a harmonious bridge to respect each environment, yet still provide a functional spacious family town residence. Vehicle access and manoeuvrability were challenging due to the irregular block and small laneway snaking around it. Safe pedestrian traffic was a major concern, as were the major overlooking and overshadowing concerns with the adjacent residences.
The project brief was to design a minimalistic two bedroom two bathroom Townhouse with spacious indoor /outdoor living and dining whilst having regard for the built environment nearby. Easy vehicle access was a priority. The client also wanted a study area close to the family living area.
To achieve a street address, a private screened gated walkway via a pathway with sufficient lighting adjacent to the original front residence was designed so that mail delivery was relocated to this entrance. Problems with the laneway garage access and manoeuvrability of vehicles were overcome by the angled garage setback.
Consideration was given to all regulations regarding neighbouring boundaries and setbacks.
The project was achieved with the use of building heights and various materials utilised to highlight the architectural form. Design materials and colours used blended accordingly with the industrial outlook at the rear and the quality conservative street entrance.

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November 2014


Peter Searle’s professionalism and attention to detail made the whole process from concept to completion a very smooth process. We are so proud of our home and what Peter achieved on such a small block. Peter worked closely with the builders to ensure that the house was built on time and within budget, and his communication was exemplary. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter to anyone who is after cutting edge design done with flair and dedication. The results of his work are recognised by his peers in this Award winning design. J. Ashby 2014

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